Prepare for the new cyber security era

Maritime Cyber Resilience Webinar

Prepare for the new cyber security era

Cybersecurity threats affect the entire maritime sector.

Ships are increasingly using systems that rely on digitalization, integration, and automation, being networked together – and more frequently connected to the internet.

While the IT world includes systems in offices, ports, and oil rigs, the OT world is used for a multitude of purposes, such as controlling engines and associated systems, cargo management, navigational systems, administration, etc.

This brings the greater risk of unauthorized access or malicious attacks to ships’ systems and networks.

Risks may also occur from personnel accessing systems on board, for example by introducing malware via removable media.

In addition, research has shown that ship control may be overtaken because of cyberattacks against the port that is berthed. As a result, economic consequences of a cyberattack in a shipping company can be devastating.

And the question is…
Are you prepared for the new cyber security era?

During our webinar on Cyber Resilience we learned how to protect our infrastructure and our vessels, acquired cyber security knowledge, enhanced cyber awareness, and achieved an advantage in today’s perilous environment.

We were presented with the following solutions:
➢ Zero Trust Network Solutions
➢ Privileged Access Management
➢ Synchronized Network Security
➢ Zero-Day Vulnerabilities - HAFNIUM
➢ Cyber Awareness, The Human Factor

Opening by Stelios Sampanis

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